bag bonanza

Because everyone's outfits were concealed under layers and layers of outerwear in frigid New York last week, it was often their bags that basked in the spotlight. Each tote newer, better and more fabulous than the next! My big takeaway... I need more statement bags! I love buying them, but they can be bank-breakers, so I am not at all above acquiring super nice ones second hand. I thus found myself this weekend inspecting the goods over at Shop Hers, a high end consignment website I've featured here before (and whose warehouse my friends and I periodically raid since it's nearby). They seem to consistently stock the latest and greatest investment bags, some of them new and others gently used, and my latest trip did not disappoint: I uncovered a gold mine of incredible options, which I thought I should share. (Think the equivalent of what you'd see on the first floor of Bergdorf Goodman!) Among the standouts, all priced below retail, of course, are this never-used-before black suede Balenciaga (50% off retail), this drop-dead red Chanel (a serious collector's piece!), this chic bucket Hermes tote (which a friend of mine sported the other day, only to compound my bag envy), this ever-sleek chain link-strap Celine (30% off retail), this never-worn color-blocked micro Celine Luggage bag, this classic chocolate brown Hermes Constance bag (40% less than retail), and this pristine (tags still attached) red Celine Trapeze Coquelicot.

Photo: The Cut

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