lunch and some sweaters

It's unfortunately quite rare that I get to indulge in a luxuriously long weekday lunch, but on Friday I did just that at an event celebrating jewelry label David Webb's 65th Anniversary. Of course, the getting dressed part was far from luxurious, as I managed to leave myself ten minutes to select my Erdem skirt / Louboutin heels / Asos sweater ensemble. I threw it on and off I went. I was thinking I looked pretty darn good despite my haste, until I arrived at the event and saw my twin sister, who immediately pointed out the huge stain on my sweater! Arghhhh! Miraculously though, this particular jewelry party also featured beautiful jewelry pieces you could borrow and wear during lunch, so I found the biggest honking look-at-me-not-my-sweater-stain necklace I could find and put it on. Any doubt I had about this working quickly faded when Harper's Bazaar chief Glenda Bailey complimented my style. Drama over, I finally commenced the luxuriousness part, catching up with friends over quinoa and roasted squash blossoms and sips of Domaine Ott. I also engaged in some serious table hopping (clearly that's not my place card above!), where I gleaned all kinds of useful lady-lunch info including the virtues of cooking with coconut oil and various upcoming must-see art exhibits. The biggest take-away, however, was coming face-to-face with a certain limited edition J.Crew Collection navy shearling cardigan, worn by Liseanne Frankfurt, a Venice-based jewelry designer friend, who did it justice with a filmy chiffon dress and an excellent number of self-designed baubles (check out some of her quietly elegant earrings and stackable rings). She had the unbuttoned cardigan casually thrown over her shoulders--and the effect was cozy-luxe cover-up perfection. Liseanne explained that the sweater was a recent birthday gift from a few of her friends, who consequently loved it so much on her that they each decided to buy one for themselves!



Alissa said...

I so enjoy your posts! Thank you for your daily style inspiration.

Jessica said...

Stain be damned! It sounds like it was a lovely afternoon!

My Latest "Club" said...

I am the proud owner of 4 of Liseanne's stackable rings and am now starting on the stackable bracelets. Her things are wonderful! Thank you for sharing!

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