fur ever

$99, mango

This faux fur bag is wildy statement-y but great for everyday. It's also so soft you might want to pet it all day long.

1. J.Crew elbow patch sweater, $98, jcrew.com
2.Sheriff & Cherry mirrored sunglasses, $145, shopbop.com
3. Noir Jewelry ring, $65, shopbop.com
4. Mango faux fur bag, $99, mango.com
5. Christian Louboutin patent leather pumps, $625, netaporter.com
6. Tory Burch tweed pants, $325, netaporter.com

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Champagne Sunday said...

LOL, re: fur bag - I have a yorkie for that. You should post a faux fur coat finds for winter - I'm desperately looking but can't find a good one!


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