isabel marant spring 2014

Season after season, Isabel Marant defines what I want to wear: feminine, laid-back yet cool clothing--with a bit of Parisian je ne sais quois thrown in! She hit another home run with her Spring 2014 collection, which debuted today in Paris. Ergo, it's now clear that my spring wardrobe will not be complete without a ruffle (or 10!), cut-out ankle booties, short white lace dresses and slouchy black blazers. Check out my favorite looks from the show--plus some ways to get in on these soon-to-be-highly-coveted silhouettes now with this, this, this and this.



alloraadams said...

Love, love, love! This has by far become my favorite blog! It is wonderful, Marlien!

Abigail said...

HALLELUJAH! I've been kicking myself since the cowboy collection over having not bought the lace dress (and the lace shirt!). Yay for second chances!

Unknown said...

Toootally in love with these looks... the last photo.. oh my!


The Do Good Guide said...

Gorgeous pictures! Gorgeous clothes!!!

SusieFG said...

It appears Isabel Marant can do no wrong!

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for doing posts like this. You teach us (or me, at least) to "see" what is going on in an article of clothing, and how it's not so unusual that it doesn't appear elsewhere. Thank you thank you for your blog and sharing your wonderful eye and your knowledge.

Anonymous said...

Love love love your blog! You have been a source of inspiration for me and thanks to you, I have bought some of the clothes you have suggested on your blog and get tons of compliments!
Like that Asos romper!! :)

Love what IM has done. She's the Queen of sexy cool.

I have waiting for you to post something about her H&M collab. I live in Santa Monica, CA myself and I'm dying to know which H&M you think would be the best to wait in the insane line you know there will be when this hits the stores on 11/14.
Let us know!!!

Marlien Rentmeester said...

I am both eagerly anticipating the launch and dreading the lines! I've had some luck in the past at the H&M in Century City. I also find it can be good to go a couple days to a week after the launch because people return items. I believe the collection will also be available online so that may be a good way to go--hopefully H&M's site won't crash!

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