fur vesting

It actually cooled down in LA the other night just enough for me to bust out my new faux fur citron-hued Topshop vest. Yes, I already own more fur vests than is practical or even sane, especially in LA, but this layering staple is so easy to justify, with its ability to be worn under my army and moto jackets and over filmy dresses and, well, really just about anything, as demonstrated in the pics above and below (note how they're worn in both warm and cold climates). Plus, the citron color is so different, so unexpected, so not like seasons past. Just so good! Spurred by my pat-myself-on-the-back-enthusiam (and in the wake of compliments I received the other night!), I sought out a few more furry, fresh-looking vests, like this one and this one from Dorothy Perkins, both so tempting (and inexpensive!), along with these plush guys from Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent, Steve Madden, and Scotch & Soda. Love and desire them all!

Photos: Pinterest, Lee Oliveira

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kristin said...


I'm dying to know what you wore witht he citine colored vest! SO pretty!!!

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