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I rarely write about beauty products on LE CATCH because I don't often wear makeup, and when I do, it's pretty minimal. In other words, I am no expert. However, I do frequently attend photo shoots, where I'm exposed to the latest and greatest in cosmetics--i.e., new lipstick hues, nail polish colors, etc. My latest source of beauty intel, however, comes from my fashion photographer identical twin sister, who essentially lives on photo shoots. She works with many of the top makeup artists, who are always giving her personalized styling tips, and since we (obviously) have the same skin tones, they work for me as well! Recently, one of these master face-painters recommended what could be the greatest find of all time in my book--most definitely the most important part of my pared-down routine: RMS Beauty Un Coverup. And to say it works like magic is not an exaggeration. This concealer (in shade 44 for me) not only effectively conceals my under eye circles (thanks in part to my children who insist on waking me up at the crack of dawn every morning to ask if they can wake up!), but can be used as a foundation (i.e., to cover up the other splotchy bits you don't want the rest of the world seeing.) It is lightweight, melts like butter into your skin and self-adjusts to your skin tone, so it seriously looks like you're not wearing any makeup at all. For me it's the holy grail of great, glow-inducing makeup. As for the other essentials in my makeup bag: I use this Chanel eye pencil to fill in my brows, this Stila smudge pot in black to line my eyelids, this Christian Dior Diorshow mascara to lengthen and lushify my lashes, and these Nars lip pencils in Mexican Rose or Dragon Girl for the perfect amount of pop.

Photo: Wit & Delight


Carrie said...

Just wanted to let you know that right after I read this post I went online and ordered the RMS uncoverup :) Looking forward to trying it after hearing so many people praise it. Thank you :)

Anonymous said...

hi where can i try and buy RMS make up? or is it only sold online? thanks xxadynsur

Marlien Rentmeester said...

You can buy the line at Space NK, which has locations in NY, NJ, FL, MA, VA, and in northern and southern California. Check out (under locations) for more options.

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