hot around the collar

$49, loft

An instagram of a friend (she's a well-known stylist!) lounging in the Hamptons, decked out with just the right amount vintage costume jewelry inspired me to start piling on the baubles. I'd like to start with this sublime gem-laden collar necklace...

1. Victoria Beckam t-shirt, $185,
2. Loft collar necklace, $49,
3. Rochas tote bag, $1420,
4. Ancient Greek Sandals, $170,
5. MiH jeans, $175,


Sara G. said...

I wonder if this will be the new "it" sandal? I like Diane Kruger's sparkly ones and Columbine's bespoke black ones.

Catharine/ said...

I love the grey and the white combination!and then the simple silver sandals!

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