metal head

$70, miss selfridge

It was years ago, but I remember the day so clearly. I was in New York City, walking down Broadway, near Macy's. Lucky Magazine's fashion director had been telling me that I needed to explore the random stores in this stretch of town due to the amazing costume jewelry that could be found there. I popped into one of them, chock full of brooches, big necklaces, and whatnot, and came upon a fabulous looking metal clutch, encrusted with silver-dollar-sized raw-cut stones. It was reminiscent of Chloe at the time, and yet also vintage-y and unique. The clutch cost $20. I think I bought a couple (one for my twin sister, another for my mom, etc.). I still have this clutch and wear it to the most fashion-y parties, despite the fact that some of the stones have popped out and gone missing. I will always love it--but I'm thinking this pretty turquoise-beaded clutch could easily be its up-to-date replacement.

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