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I am the girl who has a pair of jeans for every occasion (weekend, professional, playground-friendly, fat day, etc)--and yet I am always on the hunt for that even better, even cooler, more flattering pair that will solve all my problems. Shopbop's two-day sale (additional 25% off sale items by using code SALE25 at checkout) is proving to be excellent (almost too good!) hunting grounds, as there are zillions of denim styles, from distressed to boyfriend to skinny, all of them perfect in their own way! Where to start? There are sleek piped white skinny J. Brand jeans (63% off and which also happen to be year-round-safe) and everyday-friendly distressed cropped Current/Elliot jeans (48% off). Also tempting are the very Fall/Winter 2014 patchwork jeans by Current/Elliot (70% off) and these Baldwin's camo jeans (48% off). And don't worry about them not fitting--take your best guess or buy two sizes--free shipping/free returns, people! Sale ends Wednesday 7/24.

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