i love pinterest

When I was in high school I used to rip out pages from Vogue and Elle and tape them to my bedroom walls, floor to ceiling. Literally, every inch covered. It was like fashion mag wall paper. I am sure many of you can relate, and also understand that I can't really do that anymore, as I share my bedroom with my husband, and in retaliation he would likely paper his side with the high school boy version of the same, in his case, pictures of waves and Sports Illustrated swimsuit models--not ok. Plus, the tape and glue would really not be kind to the Phillip Jeffries grasscloth wallpaper. Fortunately though, I don't need to, because now we have Pinterest, for sure the greatest tool ever invented for discovering, saving and organizing inspirational images from fashion to design to entertaining and lots of other stuff.

I am guessing that a good number of you know this already, so you might wonder why I am writing it. Well, there are two reasons. The first is that I keep discovering friends who have not yet tried Pinterest. I end up exhorting them to try it, and it occurred to me I should do the same here for any of you who may not yet have tried it. (Trust me, try it, you won't be sorry!!) The second is that for those of you who want to see more of what's inspiring me in the realm of fashion (like the pic above*) beyond what appears on LE CATCH, this is the place. In particular, if you follow my Fashion board you will see a running tally of much of what I am loving fashion-wise on the web. If you like LE CATCH, you will probably like this board!

*P.S. You can find this great clutch here (and a smaller version with slightly different color here)!

Photo: EESH


lovewilde / ashley kennedy said...

I love pinterest too for all the same reasons! I too used to cover my walls with ripped pages from Elle and Vogue. Pinterest totally satiates this part of me, without having to ruin my walls. And LOVE the clutch...my husband gave me the same one as a "push gift" when I had our son.

Unknown said...

Pinteret is great but there is still something about ripping of pages from magazines and sticking them to a wall or mood board or just tape it in the notebooks :)


Unknown said...

I love pinterest too!!!
xo Emma

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