the drop waist dress

Those aspiring to be the best dressed wedding guest--or just looking for a party-perfect LBD--can entrust this impeccably elegant drop waist number (pictured above) to do the job and so much more. Can you believe it's only $110?

P.S. Many of the little black dresses I wrote about in May are now majorly on sale (30-60% off).


Maria & Cameron who loves Jack!! said...

Love this simple dress! Love all your outfit put togethers! They are classic, simple and elegant all at once!

Anonymous said...

Love your posts! Do you have any thoughts on pre fall collections and what might be worth purchasing right now? Thanks!!

jenn~the stylish housewife said...

I've been obsessed with drop waist dresses for a while now! How many are too many because I may almost be at that point! Great dress and even better price point! =)

XOXO, Jenn
The Stylish Housewife

Anonymous said...

Love your blog, and just got back from a trip to Europe and caught up on it. Saw your comment about your friend Stephanie teaching you to pack a weeks worth of clothes in a carryon, that would be a great blog post. Everyone in my family had almost 50 lb bags and it was just crazy, we could all use some advice. Our excuse was that we had no idea what the weather would be (london, brighton, brugge, paris) and it was very variable, but there has to be a way! thanks again for your great blog, the glimpses into your life are incredible (and envy producing, but in a good way) and I love when there are lower priced items that I can actually afford in the mix.

Anonymous said...

Love the flattering, figure forgiving drop waist dresses that are being shown everywhere. Just ordered it, great price point!!! Thx for sharing your finds with us and I visit your site daily to get inspiration.

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