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Ages ago a well-known fashion-wiz friend advised me when you are thinking about investing in high-end designer clothing or even just looking to it for inspiration, the resort collections are a good starting point. Though it's eclipsed by the bigger fall and winter collections and therefore often overlooked, resort not only offers a peek into upcoming trends, it also tends to feature fewer season-specific pieces, making them more wearable over time. Stella McCartney unveiled her Resort 2014 collection last week, and to say it rocks would be an understatement. It's fun, flirty and thoroughly wearable, replete with drop waist dresses, jumpsuits, structured shifts, rompers, short skirts, and peplums--directional silhouettes that are likely to be predominant next spring. There were also loads of prints (soft florals to embossed snakeskin) and kitschy embellishments. I want it all, but of course it's not available yet. However, as I was perusing the wares, I did get inspired to rummage through my closet to find a vintage satin dress I bought years ago. Reminiscent of the collection's snappy '60s-inspired frocks, it's still beautiful as ever. The last time I wore it was to a Chanel fashion show in LA, when a top notch Hollywood A-list stylist accosted me and told me I was wearing the best dress in the house. I'm thinking now it still may be!

P.S. If you're a Stella fan, you can shop her current collection on crazy sale here and here

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Anonymous said...

Would love see that vintage dress of yours, Marlien!

Claire said...

Marlien, clearly you are addicted to beautiful things. I am always worried about being like Carrie in SATC - the woman who literally lived in her shoes - so I would love to hear from you as to how you make decisions about when to spend, and when to simply admire without adding to your closet. Looking to resort collections is one way to shop smart, but I'm sure there are others. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you, Claire and would love to know how Marlien makes the decision about when and what to buy. Also, how long do you keep things? Marlien, do you ever feel like you've made a mistake? (Doesn't seem possible!)

Marlien Rentmeester said...

Great questions! I started to write a long response here, but then it seemed like it should really be a stay tuned for it!

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