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Chanel and Rodarte introduced the ear cuff (of the blingy, glamorous, high fashion ilk) several seasons ago to much (street style) fanfare. I liked them, as they were dazzling, directional and punk-edgy cool. But, occasionally (at least for my tastes) a little... much. Introducing the Ear Cuff 2.0. They are a much more subtle yet still stunningly pretty versions of this eye-catching accessory and come in forms such as this dainty sparkler, this pave beauty and this cute gold one, all fantastically, quietly elegant. These demure ones work, I think, because they don't scream fashion victim (or wireless Bluetooth headset) or compete for attention with your other bold accessories. But they are fresh looking and original. And all of this I thoroughly like!

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Gretchen said...

Ever since you posted those Noir "creeper" earrings, I've been loving these-- but I'm not clear. Are they worn like a stud earring, through the ear, or do they just hook on, like a Bluetooth (ugh)?

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