crop tops

I thought they'd quickly go away. After all they're not exactly easy to wear, what with all the midriff-baring involved. But instead they keep showing up (again and again!), most recently in Marc Jacobs, Maiyet, and Stella McCartney's Resort 2014 collections. Which means they're sticking around for awhile, and thus I've been toying with the idea that a crop top--the sophisticated kind that exposes only a sliver of my upper mid-riff (like the top, above)--is something I could have some fun trying to pull off, especially with a blazer thrown over it. I also like the idea of pairing it with a high waist pencil skirt or full skirt or wide flowy pants, so it looks elegant and age-appropriate. I know, I know, it's a little out-there, but sometimes you just need to mix it up and see what happens. I just bought this Zara one, which has yet to arrive, but for $35, I'm excited to test drive it at no risk. These ones from 71 Stanton, Topshop (or this one), and Urban Outfitters are also highly tempting. 

Photo: Style Sight


Anonymous said...

I don't know that I think this look really flies on anyone over 25. I believe certain things, like bare midriffs, should be left to the very young.

Korey said...

I wear a cropped citron t over a slim-fitting black and white maxi dress. Pop of color and no bare midriff, but current shape/cut.

katie said...

Love that Zara top! It reminds me of the one Gwyneth Paltrow wears in her spring edit on goop. I guess if you have a nice belly I think you should go for it! As for me, all would be fine until I had to bend down, or lean over...or sit! After three pregnancies I think I'll have to pass :(

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