the statement swimsuit

Is it just me or are this season's bathing suits more daring than ever? There are cut-outs, crochet, mesh and laser-cut accents, graphic prints, high-waist bikinis, you name it. I'm inclined to think that a statement-y suit can (can being the operative word here) help draw eyes away from other body parts you don't necessarily want people focusing on, you know what I mean? But since I am not that adventurous, I may just dip my toes into this trend and start off with some more-attention-getting-than-usual-but-not-crazy-over-the-top suits such as this Amore & Sorvete black beauty, this French Connection one-piece and this leopard print bikini.

Photo: ATG Swimwear

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vicki archer said...

Love the unusual shapes... but your choices are better... :) xv

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