shock and awe

$125, netaporter
I came across this this score of a skirt over the weekend. Not only is it striking (an up-to-the-minute mirror print! zippers!), it's (almost shockingly!) well priced--i.e., one does not need to wait for it to go on sale to grab it. But while you're there (at Net-A-Porter) check out all the amazing stuff that just DID go on sale (up to 50% off like the clutch below) this morning! I'll publish a full round up of my favorite sale picks shortly...

1. Topshop snakeskin effect sweatshirt, $240,
2. Avant Garde Paris star earrings, $50,
3. Kotur lace neon clutch (50% off), $280,
4. B Brian Atwood sandal, $284,
5. Michael Kors print skirt, $125,


RachInFashion said...

LOVE it!!!

Fiona said...

Lovely skirt! I am recently into flower patterns too but haven't seen anything as nice as your find!

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