my summer stud

$129, mango
I really want these shoes. And it seems so do many others, as they have been available in only size 6 for weeks--until today.

1. J.Crew sweater, $79,
2. Super Sunglasses, $229,
3. Gorjana ring set, $50,
4. Asos embroidered clutch, $50,
5. Mango studded sandals, $129,
6. Kenzo skirt, $378,


dacy said...

Love this. I was just scouring Etsy yesterday for a handmade iPhone case and there are lots of similar great handmade (and cheaper) bags: and are a couple that I liked.

Unknown said...

Love this selection!


modabellarella said...

I love the skirt selection with this outfit. Your style is spot-on.

lizzie from the air... said...


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