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anthropologie earrings
$198, anthropologie
I have one pair of super sparkly statement earrings that I wear constantly. To the point of embarrassment. It's as if I own no other pair. But I just love them so much and they do so much for any outfit, whether it's an elegant cocktail dress or a simple, slouchy sweater and jeans. I'm thinking these guys could sub in from time to time, as I adore the punch of turquoise and the attention-getting gleam.

1. Topshop sweater*, $90,
2. Anthropologie earrings, $198,
3. Serpui Marie mother of pearl clutch, $740,
4. Plomo color block sandals, $295,
5. Chloe brocade skirt, $1250,

*The first run of this sweater sold out--so glad Topshop re-stocked it!


Jill said...

I love (almost) nothing better than donning a pair or sparklers...and I definitely have more than one pair. They lighten up everything, including one's mood. :)

Anonymous said...

I would absolutely love it if you would post a picture of the ones that you actually own!


Amy Howell

dani said...

These earrings are heaven on earth! Simply divine!

Gillian said...

The earrings are stunning!

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