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$48, oasis
Gwyneth Paltrow was nearly ubiquitous in LA last week, promoting her new cookbook, "It's All Good" (which is indeed good--I used it to cook my son's birthday dinner last week). She wore lots of short dresses and short shorts but what really stood out were her Michael Kors neon heels. They seem to have the effect of making already tanned, toned legs look even more tanned and toned--and I am thinking these everyday sandals might yield the same.  

1. Zimmermann paisley print dress, $326, matchesfashion.com
2.  Juicy Couture earrings, $38, shopbop.com
3. Saint Laurent leather and gold cuff, $295, netaporter.com
4. Accessorize embellished clutch, $91, accessorize.com
5. Oasis snakeskin print and neon sandals$48, oasis.andotherbrands.com

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Emma Finlayson said...

I am looking for the perfect neon flat sandals!!

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