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$298, madewell
Though I conduct much of my business out of my own home office, I still like to get dressed for work every morning. It makes me feel more professional--plus, there are too many clothes in my closet that need to be worn! Enter this graphic striped skirt, which though I picture it primarily with my off-duty activities in mind, would double nicely as an I-am-at-work-take-me-seriously ensemble anchor...

1. Topshop t-shirt, $24,
2. Lauren Wolf pyrite earrings, $88,
3. Theory blazer, $385,
4. Henri Bendel stack ring, $98,
5. Asos bag, $53,
6. Jeffrey Campbell cap-toe booties, $160,
7. Whit asymmetrical skirt, $298,


Merritt said...

I am buying the shoes and skirt NOW! Perfect outfit for a "busy" working mom like me. Thank you Le Catch!

dianapim said...

Hi Marlien , really love you blog !

I am also a fashion mom (3 girls) and have a similar blog ( but yours is so much more sophisticaded!!)

Diana P

dacy said...

Totally agree - I was worthless working from home until I realized shoes MUST be worn to accomplish anything!

Anonymous said...

This skirt is supppppper cute!! You make such a great point!! I work from home as well and my heart hurts every time I look in my closet... but why haven't I just thought of wearing this stuff at home??? :))

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