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Not too little, not too much: this, to me, exemplifies perfect wrist stacking. This look is something you can pull off day in and day out. It's subtle, uncontrived yet statement-y. But it all hinges on that beautifully retro, elegant round face watch, which is by Daniel Wellington. It looks way more expensive than its $229 price tag. And I love that it's as interchangeable as any other outfit-finishing bracelet. For less expensive options, check out these from Kate Spade, Asos, and Kenneth Cole. The bracelets you can find here, here and here.

Photo source: Pinterest


The Sentimentalist said...

Absolutely charming! I have worn only one watch for years. Now tempted to get another... xoxo

Mary in St Helena said...

Just ordered the watch from the DW web site in Sweden. Been looking for a watch that will look good with my gold bracelets. Can't wait to get it. Thanks!

Unknown said...

Definitely the perfect way of wrist stacking! Looks super modern!


Anonymous said...

The heart bracelet is not the one shown on her wrist. I want THAT one please.

Anonymous said...

Gold heart bracelet:


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