tank full

$68, anthropologie
A little sleuthing around at Anthropologie turned up so much spring-y greatness, from this adorable pompom-trimmed striped tank, above, to this statement bauble necklace to this very special vintage-looking tasseled lace blouse. Imagine the tank teamed up like this...

1. Anthropologie pompom-trimmed tank, $68, anthropologie.com
2. Warehouse quilted biker blazer, $98, warehouse.andotherbrands.com
3. Golden Lane leather duffel, $575, shopbop.com
4. Madewell suede ankle boots, $208, madewell.com 
5. Current/Elliot high-waist denim shorts, $178, netaporter.com


Emma Finlayson said...

That tank is adorable and perfect for summer with a pair of shorts!

Cheryl said...

I dare say you have a soft spot for pompoms, Marlien! No pun intended.

Anonymous said...

I love your blog and your amazing eye. I'm just sorry I only found you recently but at least I've found you. Already I've purchased several of your suggestions and have shared the blog with friends!! I can't wait for your next post!

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