nice and easy

$85, madewell

This patchwork-inspired top nails that distinctly cool Isabel Marant-louche vibe--especially with...

1. Madewell sweatshirt, $85,
2. Ray Ban sunglasses, $109,
3. Topshop spike stud earrings, $15,
4. Tory Burch cross-body bag, $425, 
5. Derek Lam sandals, $498,
6. Mother skinny jeans, $195, 


Anonymous said...

Dear Marlien,
I am planning on wearing a strapless lace dress for valentine's day in nyc
this one, and I was wondering if you had any tips to style it.
Thanks so much!

Denise @ Alala said...

Great find! Really loving the mixed denim look for spring, especially with that pop of red!

Anonymous said...

Love this look and I agree with the pop of colour! I have a hot pink crossbody en route to me and I am going to use it the same way!

sugartuffy said...

The earrings look like Mociun. I love the mis-matched Triangles by Mociun. Pricey but gorgeous!

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