distressed jeans

My new favorite jeans happen to look not very new. But that's the point, of course. But what really distinguishes my distressed denim is that they strike the perfect balance between looking lived-in and too lived-in (i.e., ratty), and this is why I adore them. Plus, judging from the pics, above, and below, these worn-in jeans seem to be a thing... Here are some other great options from J.Brand, Asos, and R13.

Photos: Harper's Bazaar, Pinterest


Ella said...

i love the first pair of jeans pictured; the thin holes look super chic!

Anonymous said...

but where can i find that leopard coat? similar to the one you pictured earlier this year with the all-white jeans and t-shirt underneath. dying for one!

Marlien Rentmeester said...

The black jeans look like these from Topshop. http://bit.ly/Yowlya

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