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$290, forward
Not only did I discover good finds  (a lace skirt, a fur stole) at last week's vintage fair, I came across what amounted to an archeological dig of embroidered tunics. I had to investigate each and every one, as I consider them perfect specimens of relaxed glamour. They're comfortable, versatile and work season after season. And they add a well-traveled accent to any look! Since I can't get enough of them, I've continued the hunt online, and yesterday unearthed this simple but striking top from Isabel Marant. I love it, and I'd wear it with...

1. Etoile Isabel Marant blouse, $290,
2. Dorothy Perkins rope cuff, $17,
3. Loft straw bag, $39,
4. Ancient Greek sandals, $215,
5. Current/Elliot denim shorts, $178,


Anonymous said...

i want to be you in my next life..............

Sandy a la Mode said...

that shirt is gorgeous!!

Sandy a la Mode

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