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$198, french connection
This just in from the pre-school birthday party circuit: a friend of mine--who happens to be six-feet-tall, blonde, and a former model--wearing these sweatpants-inspired pants. Don't let the concept or the venue throw you--these pants were not of the throw-in-the-towel, motherhood-has-defeated-me-and-I-only-wear-sweatpants variety. They were chic. Grey, lounge-y, with elasticated cuffs at the ankles, and luxe-looking, the pants looked amazing with heels and an oversize blue blazer. So, of course, I set about scouting a few options for myself, and I found this sleek pair by Whistles, as well as the silk drawstring trousers, above, from French Connection, which have a subtle sporty vibe, but are definitely party-worthy--even if I'm not six-feet-tall, blonde and/or a former model. 

1. Raquel Allegra cotton jersey top, $265,
2. Topshop striped blazer, $90,
3. Anya Hindmarch bag,* $398,
4. Christian Louboutin python T-strap sandals, $895,
5. French Connection silk trousers,  $198,

*60% off! 


Azra said...

these are great. always in need for pre-school birthday party clothes. thank you.

Korey said...

The chic sweatshirt and pants trend doesn't come at typical sweatsuit prices, but if you can look put together while comfortable. . .

Anonymous said...

Love these pants -- just ordered them, thank you!!

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