lulu's watch

Over the weekend at my niece's 4th birthday party I spent some time hanging out with a childhood friend of mine Lulu de Kwiatkowski. You may be familiar with her vividly colorful, nature-inspired line of fabrics called Lulu DK (which can be found throughout my house, like here and here). Like the textiles she designs, Lulu manages to be both natural and elegant. She barely wears a stitch of makeup. Her long blond hair is always perfectly undone. And she consistently has this opulent sun-kissed glow that looks like she's just spent a week in the Bahamas. While all those traits still captivate me every time I see her, this time it was her new watch that caught my eye. It was a Timex, of the chunky dive-style tomboyish variety with a nylon band. It was sporty. No-fuss. Old-school. Forever-chic. Unexpected. So enchantingly cool. So Lulu! (P.S. How cute is the pic above of Lulu with her twin boys in their LA home.)

Photo: Lonny Magazine


bevy said...

I've been wanting one myself and saw some very similar Timex watches on Walmart's website. Yes, Timex, but for way less than J.Crews.

Anonymous said...

I love the Noah's Ark print above the bed. Do you happen to know where that's from?

dervla @ The Curator said...

ooooh love that watch. That tomboy look will be forever cool.

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