fur love

Couture show-goers, including Russian blogger Miroslava Duma, above, are not letting Paris' cold snap crimp their style, and it seems a chic fur hat is essential to their heat-trapping strategy. But it's not just these hot shots who are fur-hatting it (see last two images, below). I, too, have a faux fur one, and I wore it skiing on my last few outings, but now I have convincing evidence that this hat doesn't just belong on the slopes, but very much on the streets. Some heady faux fur options for you all to ponder from Nine West, Steve Madden and Asos, along with this knit and faux fur one on sale.

Photos: Harper's Bazaar, Pinterest


Helen Y. said...

I love these type of hats too! I got my faux fur version from Saks :)


Anonymous said...

Love the hats, but also the dress/coat in the last photo. do you know what they are? many thanks!

Genevieve said...

No joke I am wearing a faux fur Russian fur trader's hat thing right NOW today! I felt silly but it also felt FUN, even just wearing it indoors all day, working.

Azra said...

Just got back from Mont Tremblant and the fur hats were everywhere. I was always for a faux version ... but the real ones looked so soft and nice. Few more days in Canada and I am sure I wouldn't mind being covered in fur top to bottom.

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