emerald club

In case you hadn't heard, emerald is the new oxblood. In fact, Pantone has named it the color of 2013. I like pops of it here and there, like on a shoe or a clutch or a necklace, even a top, or a jacket or a pant. Herewith, some ways to get the perfect dose--a sexy Alexander Wang ankle strap heel or luscious cross-body satchel, an emerald bib necklace, a sleek pair of jacquard J.Crew pants, and an easy, everyday sweatshirt from Topshop-along with ways-to-wear-it inspiration. 

Photos: Streetpeeper, Pinterest, Melanie Galea, Streetpeeper, Adam Katz Sinding, Pinterest

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Lucy said...

SO beautiful. I LOVE emerald, and thanks for that sweatshirt, I'm getting it! P.s. on scarves - there's a fab one in the Zara sale section - 100% wool, superfine, neon ish greeny yellow pattern on white.

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