le spread

Entertaining is a little off topic for LE CATCH, but it's something I enjoy doing. I'll admit it: I am a party girl. I love going to parties and occasionally throwing them. Over the years, I have collected an array of platters, trays, bowls, and wine glasses that don't get as much as play as they deserve, but when they do come out of the cupboards, it's always fun to dress them up with delicious treats. So, when The Chalkboard asked me to open up my kitchen (and refrigerator and utensils drawer!) and show them how I like to throw together a little soiree, I obliged, with the caveat that while I like to party I am far from an expert party-thrower. You can check out my festive cocktail spread and their Q&A with me here.


Azra said...

Perfect! I love the serving tray, flowers, food... everything.

crystal said...

i don't know which i want more -- that shirt or that avocado crisp! pretty, perfect, & delish!

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