blue velvet

$79, mango
I came across a picture of a cooler-than-cool European woman, perched on a moped, wearing a blue velvet suit and then it hit me: a pair of tailored velvet trousers are most definitely cooler than cool.

1. J. Crew pinstripe blouse, $36,
2. Heather Hawkins layer gemstone necklace, $145,
3. Juicy Couture bracelet, $58,
4. Chloe tote bag, $1137,
5. Jimmy Choo patent leather pumps, $525,
6. Mango velvet trousers, $79,


marybeth said...

These are going to be hard to resist! Here are another version:

Kelsey Grauke said...

I love those pants. They would be so comfortable too.

Melissa said...

Love the styling. Thanks so much for giving daily inspiration and making me take a second look at how I pair things together.

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