sought-after sweater

$49, mango

I bought this Mango gem in London back in early October, after seeing it in the retailer's Fall catalogue, scouring Mango's two floor store on Regent Street to no avail and then consequently begging a store manager to check the store's stockroom for one in a size medium. Long story short, I am in love with this vibrant sweater--which I have been wearing with my snakeskin-print pants and knee-length skirts--and I am happy to say it has finally arrived online and, perhaps may have even just hit the racks on Regent Street, too.

1. Mango sweater, $49,
2. Iosselliani rhinestone earrings, $248,
3. Lanvin metallic brocade clutch, $693,
4. L.A.M.B. ankle strap pumps, $285,
5.  J. Crew sequin pencil skirt, $695,


Azra said...

It is lovely! Thanks for the update. Looks so cool with the yellow skirt.

Anonymous said...

Love it! Too bad it's sold out already....ugh!

Helen said...

you mentioned you got a size M. is that US M or US S? i ordered a US S so I'm hoping it doesn't run too small. thanks!

Georgine said...

LOVELY!!! and already sold out... hurumph :(

Lissa said...

Tried to buy it as well! Perfect sweater!

Elizabeth said...

love the sweater! so happy for ya - that you finally got and wearing it fabulously!

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