neutral territory

$189, club monaco
It's going to be hot today (don't forget to vote!) here in LA, but they say that the season's first more winter-y weather will arrive here on Friday. The impending sweater weather has me hankering for this neutral zipper-trimmed cashmere knit, which would undoubtedly get major play all season long, accompanied with...

1. Club Monaco cashmere zipper-trimmed sweater, $189,
2. Gryphon bronze-coated faux fur coat, $193,
3. J. Crew python bag, $795,
4. Gucci peep-toe booties, $960,
5. Topshop floral print pants, $80,

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Mouthful of Style said...

I miss Cali weather! I grew up in SF and now live in London and it is freezing here! Thanks for the wintery sweater advice as I am going shopping this weekend for warm clothes!

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