gift edit: home stuff

$48, anthropologie

I visited a friend in Santa Barbara this past weekend and while I was checking out her newly renovated  kitchen, I noticed a stack of beautiful ethnic-print linen napkins, folded neatly on a drinks tray. My first thought was, wow, what a nice touch!
I picked up the napkins to closer inspect them and suddenly realized that I had actually given them to her last Christmas! Well done, me! This experience made me think that pretty print napkins would be a good place to start for the home edition of my gift edit. Here are a few other fun finds that would go over well in any home: a seriously stylish photographic print from Scott Schuman (a.k.a. The Sartorialist)--for $40, no less!; or for the high-brow art lovers in your life, an iconic yet very affordable fine art print from painter Yves Klein);  a vanity-defining glamorous brass bauble box from Kelly Wearstler; a gorgeous malachite bowl (I've given out a few as gifts!) from Chic Shop; and a chic Southwest-inspired patchwork print throw. All good things!

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Decor Musings said...

Amazing finds. Keep the home decor posts coming pretty please.

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