color-block clutch

$39, gap
It took me about a New York minute to decide that this color-block Gap clutch was a winner, but a little longer to figure out which color combo I liked best. See the other options here. I've concluded that the no-fail, easy-to-match camel and red mix is a good place to start.

1. Carven tie-neck blouse, $370,
2. Oasis shaggy blazer$130,
3. Gap color-block clutch, $39,
4. Madewell leopard print flats, $108,
5. J. Crew jeans, $125,


Anonymous said...

love this outfit! I'm wearing my own leopard print flats today :)

Gabriella said...

Love this clutch! It's offered at such a fair price point, I just might run to the nearest Gap and pick one up! Awesome find.

Azra said...

Nice pick! I also like yellow/grey combo. I may pick one up this weekend. Thank you.

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