the trench coat

It transcends trends and time. It adds a sophisticated, polished, Parisienne finish to your outfit, and it goes with pretty much everything in your closet. Every season the classic re-surfaces, updated in new cuts and shades, but the inherent elegance remains the same. The latest and greatest iterations include a leather-sleeved Burberry (or a less expensive take by W118), a sleeveless Asos, a double breasted Nasty Gal, and a spiky-shouldered Sam Edelman. I am also partial to the signature wear-forever Burberry. This fall, to make my trench coat look fresh, I'm wearing a jean jacket underneath it, or layering a leather or fur vest over it (for extra warmth).

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Jane said...

I love the idea of layering with a trench to make it last a tad longer. Do you keep your vests longer? Or play up the different lengths?

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