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$59, swell
Thanks to my surfer husband, I've been to plenty of surf shops--and I know that there is more than just wetsuits and boards to buy. I usually sniff out something cool for my own wardrobe. Case in point: this exquisite lace jacket from Billabong. It's more than just beach-ready. It's vintage-y-cool, Fleetwood Mac-spirited, gypset-chic, music festival-perfect, and even date-night-out-sexy.

1. Kain silk camisole, $155,
2. Madewell necklace, $42,
3. Billabong lace jacket, $59,
4. Clare Vivier leather messenger tote, $363,
5. Givenchy calf hair sandal, $850,  
6. Superfine silk paneled jeans, $395, 

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