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white slippers
Whenever I go to New York, I often feel like I'm arriving at a party that's in full swing, and I am hustling to catch up. At least that's what it felt like when I saw my sister a few weeks ago in the city (where she had spent most of her summer shooting) and noticed the white slippers on her feet. Of course, Celine's Phoebe Philo is responsible for this emerging shoe trend and her pointy toe white wedges from Fall 2012 will surely be a cult item. Initially, white shoes did not strike me as practical/viable. Then I spent a whole day running around with my sister, who actually executed them successfully, kids and scooters in tow, and without too many scuff marks, I might add. They looked fresh and clean (i.e., not at all nurse-like)--and made her look like a knowing up-to-the-minute New Yorker. Here are some fall-friendly options to consider from Tibi, Madewell and Dolce Vita

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