the cover up

michael kors hooded knitted poncho

I am at my least stylish from 8 to 9AM, when I am suited up in workout gear, frazzled from the bed-to-breakfast table-to-out-the-door routine, bent on making the school run fast so I can squeeze in a sweat session. Unlike most Angelenos, I do not exercise in head-to-toe Lululemon: an old t-shirt and some black leggings is my uniform. I try to camouflage this rather unsightly outfit with a big wrap-like cardigan or my green army jacket. But now I am thinking this cozy poncho-like cardigan is the ticket. I love the toggles and the chic cape-like fit. Not only will it act as a genius cover up but it will also be perfect on chilly fall days, with my regular (i.e. more stylish) clothes, when I am running around doing a million things. On those days, I'd wear it with...

1. J. Crew striped t-shirt, $34, 
2. Michael Michael Kors poncho cardigan, $175, 
3. Forever 21 zipper-trimmed bag, $44, 
4. Cynthia Vincent boots, $375, 
5. Mango leather leggings, $189,


kristen said...

i'm really glad to hear there's one other angeleno that isn't wearing lulu to the gym and around town. t-shirt and black leggings here in hermosa beach. :)

Anonymous said...

I just stumbled upon your blog and I am in LOVE. It's so refreshing to see a mix of high-end and affordable clothing inspiration.

Can't wait to keep reading!

Lauren Fraley said...

i LOVE posts like this marlien! it's always really insightful to know how you looked polished while doing everyday life things, not just all the style blogs that show girls posing for fashion week street style shots!

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