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accessorize suzie rose hardcase clutch

Years ago I had an older Spanish friend who would visit regularly and stay with me in my New York apartment. She was the epitome of European sophistication, always impeccably dressed. She'd come bearing generous gifts, one of which was a needlepoint clutch. It was the most elegant thing ever, mostly because it was so... her. I stuffed it with my daily essentials and wore it into the ground, and then the zipper broke, and that was that. This beaded floral clutch reminds me of my long lost needlepoint bag--but, I have to say, it might even be a little more glam and, with needlepoint an official trend right now, totally of the moment. I'd wear it with... 

1. Warehouse lace sweater, $68, 
2. Lulu Frost earrings, $96, 
3. Accessorize beaded clutch, $78, 
4. Nine West booties, $179, 
5. Oasis leather skirt, $170,

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M1ss_D_Lady said...

Cute! I love the mixed media!

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