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jcrew velvet jeans
So in walks my very good friend the other day and she's wearing these blue velvet jeans that just made me want to reach out and touch her. I could not ask her where she got her jeans fast enough. She proudly replied: "J. Crew." What makes them so compelling is that they look like jeans but they're made of baby-soft velvet, so they have this stealth luxe vibe to them. They're also not overly thick--who wants those unwanted inches?--but they are comfortably stretchy and machine washable, plus hugely versatile. My friend worked them pretty much like this...

1. MiH voile blouse, $195, 
2. Math tweed jacket, $770, 
3. Mod Cloth suede-front bag, $69, 
4. Madewell ankle boots, $208, 
5. J. Crew velvet jeans*, $110,

*Just FYI:  J. Crew is having a great sale through Sunday: 25% off + free shipping on orders $150+ with the code STYLE25


Azra said...

I must admit I have never had a velvet jeans... but these look nice. I will check them out. Thanks for the sale info.

Sandy said...

oh, la la

Anonymous said...

These just came in UPS and they are weirdly cropped, like a capri, and I actually have pretty stumpy legs for my height. It's annoying because I have J Crew "toothpick" cords in the same size that fit entirely differently, and recently ordered a new pair of "cece" ballet flats because I loved a previous pair, but the new ballet flats did not fit, at all, like my others had. So I had to return those just like I will have to return these velvet "jeans."

Marlien Rentmeester said...

So sorry to hear that - I know how frustrating that can be! I think the stores try their best for consistency in size, but this does happen. The silver lining for all of us internet shoppers is although we take a risk that the fit may not be right, we get to shop from home (and work!), no matter how busy we are. I think J.Crew’s flat return fee is about $6, so not that bad considering you didn’t have to invest the time to get yourself to the store!

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