precious cargo

My twin sister came over yesterday wearing the perfect pair of cargo pants, and it reminded me how much I miss them in my wardrobe. I had a pair years ago, wore them into the ground and never replaced them. My sister's cargoes, which she recently bought, have a relaxed fit and a love-worn look, similar to the ones former J. Crew designer Marissa Webb is wearing in the picture above. Anyway, as my sister and I are wont to do when we're together after weeks apart, we went into my closet for a little show and tell. She tried on some new acquisitions, including a tuxedo blazer, several tops, shoes of varying heights, all while keeping her rolled-up cargoes on. And the thing we both noticed was how the pants looked good with everything. Everything. So, of course, I promptly bought the pants. Herewith, my new (old) wardrobe staple.


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Natasha Fatah said...

I'm huge fan of Marrisa Web. I adore her style! I've pinned this look! :)

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