miroslava's neck candy

Russian-born New York-based fashion consultant and founder of fashion website Buro247 Miroslava Duma is known for her adventurous sense of style and affinity for chunky chokers. Inspired by her collection of over-the-top neck candy, I rounded up some options that scream high-wattage cool, from J. Crew, Tom Binns, Bauble Bar, Assad Mounser, Juliette & Company and Forever 21. P.S. Note how Duma throws a necklace on just about any print (and even on outerwear), consequently making her look that much more interesting and original. Clearly, when it comes to accessorizing like this, more is more. 

Photos: Buro 247


Natasha Fatah said...

She always looks like a million bucks!

~Natasha Fatah Giveaway~
~Natasha Fatah Giveaway~

Rita TOMORROWtoday said...

i just love her. that 3rd picture? it's like an, "only i could pull this off, ha!" smirk and i adore it.

Angie said...

Love Miroslava's style...thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Love every single necklace <3

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