fluff piece

$92, topshop.com

I can see it now: my husband's incredulous stare when I emerge from the closet wearing this skirt. I'm feeling regal, elegant, feathery, and floaty, and he's asking why in in heaven's name would I want to add a little extra girth to my figure. What can I say? It may be a man-repeller, but I love it. Bring on the fluffiness. Bring on the texture. And the shimmery sequins too! I'll wear it with a basic tee or max it out with a dramatic top. For its first outing, I'd strut my stuff with...

1. Acne t-shirt, $100, netaporter.com 
2. Lulu Frost necklace, $528, shopbop.com 
3. 3.1 Phillip Limbag, $375, barneys.com 
4. Ivanka Trump booties, $189, piperlime.com 
5. Topshop fringe skirt, $92, topshop.com

P.S. Okay, so now imagine it with a white lacy or beaded top and it's totally Oscar de la Renta-fancy. You could go that way too!

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onethingtwoways said...

I was like, those shoes are amazing, and then I was like, they're made by IVANKA TRUMP? Who woula thunk? Not I.

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