skirting the issue

I am not much of a long skirt-wearing type of girl. But lately I've been rethinking that, as I've been seeing stylish girls sporting them about town in ways that look fresh and new, like with an untucked fitted sweater (such as in this pic), or with a hip-skimming belted t-shirt. I love how this striped pleated skirt looks vintage and also sort of Anna Sui meets Marc Jacobs. I also appreciate its year-round versatility. Right now it would be cute with a simple white tank top, but as soon as fall is in the air, I'd work it in my own fresh and new way with...

1. Miu Miu belted split back sweater, $745, 
2. Tassia Canellis earrings, $48,  
3. Topshop duffle bag, $76,  
4. Vince ankle boots, $498,  
5. Asos striped skirt, $74,

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