boot camp

It's the middle of summer and I am already contemplating my go-to fall boots. (I have started rounding up some of my favorites and will share them all in a post soon.) My criteria for the perfect pair goes something like this: I want my boots to be ankle height, go-with-everything neutral, walking-friendly, around-the-clock versatile, and, of course, seriously fetching. I think that these boots have all those attributes, and incredibly, they cost $115. Wear them with...

1. Mulberry angora sweater, $564, 
2. Ray Ban New Wayfarer sunglasses, $139, 
3. Zara bag, $19, 
4. Oasis boots, $115, 
5. Isabel Marant Etoile corduroy pants, $259,


Sara said...

I'm looking forward to your list! I've started boot shopping this month and realized I definitely need some guidance from an expert :)

PowerGirl said...

Fabulous, you make me want to buy every single thing that you write about! I can't wait to see your list and I also need your list of Fall essentials. xx

Anonymous said...

With lower heeled boots, I stick to more substantial, chunkier heels. It's visually more flattering on your legs. But from photos, you appear to be very tall so that may not be an issue for you :)

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