tux blazer

$134, warehouse.co.uk
A classic tuxedo jacket like this never goes out of fashion. It's also infinitely versatile. I would love to see it paired with cut-off denim shorts, or over a sleek black evening dress, or with the following pieces for a date night out with the hubby:

1. Warehouse tuxedo jacket, $134, warehouse.co.uk 
2. Elizabeth and James satin top, $295, netaporter.com 
3. Vanessa Mooney necklace, $75, shopbop.com 
4. Manolo Blahnik sandals, $995, barneys.com
5. J. Brand wax coated jeans, $195, netaporter.com


Cheryl said...

Can you please post the info for the jeans?

Thanks! :)

Marlien Rentmeester said...

Whoops! Thank you for pointing out the omission!

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