a trip home

I was a frequent flier last week. The day after I returned from Mexico, I headed to New York for the weekend to attend one of my oldest and closest friend's father's memorial service in the Hamptons. Though the occasion was a sad one, it was a beautiful service attended by many old friends. Given the circumstances, I also felt especially blessed to be able to spend some time with my own dad, who lives there year-round, in the same house we used to spend our summers when I was growing up. The weather was early-summer beautiful and it felt good to be home.

On Sunday morning, I made my way back into the city to see my twin sister, who was working. Before we met, I made a solo expedition to Topshop and spent a good two hours in the dressing room, trying on all the clothes, pictured above. The store had just received a new shipment the night before, so there were pickings aplenty. The hard part was whittling down my selections. Here's what I chose and returned to LA with.    P.S. The white dress below is leather. It's crazy awesome.

$350, topshop.com

$150, topshop.com

$80, topshop.com

$92, topshop.com

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Stephanie said...

Good to know I don't have to spend 1200 dollars for that Isabel Marant sweater anymore! Xo

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