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Unlike weather patterns, fashion trends seem to move from east to west. What I really mean to say is that I'll see a trend emerge in New York first, then after a few months, it will materialize in LA. When I was in the city last weekend, I spotted tons of girls sporting high top wedge sneakers, including Leandra Medine, the Man Repeller, herself, in a pair by Isabel Marant, outside Bar Pitti on Sixth Avenue. My sister was even compelled to buy them, having been in the city for the last few weeks working. (She bought this pair.)  The other thing I noticed was the pervasiveness of penny loafers. Lucky's Editor in Chief Brandon Holley was wearing a modern, streamlined pair to a cover shoot the other day. And, above, fashion bellwether Julia Sarr-Jarmois is working a pair. (P.S. Note how she wears them with something decidedly feminine, so they don't look old-school preppy.) These shoes seem way more me (i.e., practical, easy to integrate into my wardrobe) than wedge high tops. Here are some options to ponder from Nine West and J. Crew.

Photo: Hanneli Mustaparta


Anonymous said...

ick on the sneakers!!!!!

Diana said...

I love both trends - the wedge sneakers and the loafers! Thank you for sharing the inspiration outfit picture (looks amazing!!!) and where to find the shoes!


meredith said...

Love the loafer look for DC! I'm always needing flats to wear to work and this is a fun change from my standard ballet flats.

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