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$84, topshop.com

So I just returned from a relaxing trip to Mexico with my husband. We had the BEST time (I'll tell you more about it next week as my head is still at 33,000 feet!), but the only thing that fell short was my own packing. I tried to condense everything into a carry-on, but neglected to bring more than one nice going-out-for-dinner dress. What was I thinking? After day two of lolling around the infinity pool and swimming in the ocean, I just wanted to throw on something short and gorgeous to go with my glow. But I only had white jeans. No! Anyway, I sweated through white jeans and an off-the-shoulder top and I survived. But if I only had this dress: striking in its redness, cute in its drop-waist situation--and very Victoria Beckham-posh, to boot. Plus, it's a dress that will happily work back at home. I'd wear this dress on holiday and on home turf with...

1. Topshop dress, $84, topshop.com 
2. Bauble Bar earrings, $22, baublebar.com
3. Zara clutch, $89, zara.com 
4. Jimmy Choo sandals, $1046, netaporter.com

P.S. Here's the one long, flowy, beachy-glam dress I did bring. It's made by my friend, LA-based designer Natalie Martin. 

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Paula Puryear Martin said...

Marlien, It is very encouraging to hear that I'm not the only one who has made this dreadful mistake! My husband's a lean packer and sometimes I try to follow suit and take it just a little too far! I've decided that 2 nice dresses is the bare minimum no matter how short the trip!

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